Useful Web sites/Contact numbers

Abe's Taxi: +1 284 496 8429

Bun's Taxi: +1 284 499 8871

Paradise Jeep Rentals

Foxy's (Great Harbour)

Foxy's Taboo (Diamond Cay): +1 284 495 4168

Soggy Dollar Bar (White Bay): +1 284 495 9888

Sidney's Peace and Love Bar (Little Harbour): +1 284 495 9271

Ali Baba's (Great Harbour): +1 284 495 9280

Bobby's Market Place (Tortola)

Island Time Ltd RIB rental (Tortola)

Jost Van Dyke Scuba (Great Harbour)

New Horizon Ferry (From Tortola to JVD): +1 284 495 9278

Cable & Wireless: +1 800 225 5872




Is there network coverage?

Cell/mobile phone coverage generally works from selected spots on Sandy Ground Estates, but is not 100% reliable. Some networks appear to work better than others.  

Do I need any special equipment?

For your comfort we suggest you bring a supply of appropriate sunscreen, as well as a flashlight for those romantic night walks. Reef-walkers or pool shoes are advisable for snorkeling or swimming. Snorkel equipment is available.

What fun things can I do at Jost?

Boating. The villas do not come with the use of a dinghy but there is one for rent for $100 per day, it is 10 ft with a 9hp but could not be used to go to Tortola. Sandy Ground Estates does not get involved in the hiring of boats but recommends a firm on Tortola called Island Time Ltd: www.islandtimeltd.com

Hiking. A brisk part-walk, part-scramble to Bubbly Pool (approximately 45 minutes), a natural rock formation along Jost Van Dyke's north coast that creates a jacuzzi-like bathing experience, is a perennial favorite among visitors. And don't forget to grab lunch at Foxy's Taboo -- an outpost of the larger venue in Great Harbour.

White Bay. White Bay's pristinely white beach is not be missed, especially considering it routinely gets voted one of the Caribbean's most impressive beaches. Stop, along the way, at the aptly named Great Harbour, home to the quintessential beach bar, Foxy's -- now a major Caribbean cultural force.

Coral Reefs. A spectacular reef extends the length of our beach providing incredible snorkeling amid ultimate privacy. Diamond View also comes with a kayak, which is great for exploring some of the small cays dotted around the bay. There is a well-appointed dive shop in Great Harbour, too, if you prefer scuba diving.

Are there restaurants nearby?

In general, no. That said, Foxy's Taboo (a sister establishment to Foxy's in Great Harbour) can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot or by kayak or dinghy. (Not advisable in the dark.) The fare here is largely of the beach-bar variety, but they also serve great pizzas and cocktails.

Other dining out options require a taxi ride to Little Harbour, Great Harbour or White Bay. See below for phone numbers. 

Listed in order of distance are:

Foxy’s Taboo (Diamond Cay): 1-284-495-9891

Abe’s by the Sea (Little Harbour): 1-284-495-9329

Harris’s Place (Little Harbour): 1-284-495-9295

Sydney’s Peace & Love (Little Harbour): 1-284-495-9271

Foxy’s (Great Harbour): 1-284-495-9258

Corsairs (Great Harbour): 1-284-495-9294

Ali Baba’s (Great Harbour): 1-284-495-9280

Rudy’s (Great Harbour): 1-284-495-9282

Soggy Dollar Bar/Sandcastle(White Bay): 1-284-495-9888

One Love Bar & Grill (White Bay): 1-284-495-9829